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The Schwartz Obituary Collection is available at the Linn Genealogical Society Library. The obituaries and funeral notices in the collection were clipped by Vera Schwartz primarily from the Oregonian newspaper from January 1977 through March 1980. There are also some representative obituaries and funeral notices.

The clippings are pasted, front and back, on 5×8 inch index cards. The obituary cards are numbered 1–1099 and 2000–2304. The funeral notice cards are numbered using a letter and a number. The letter represents the first initial of the deceased’s last name. The cards are coded A1–A3, B1–B7, C1–C6, D1–D3, E1–E2, F1–F3, G1–G4, H1–H7, I1, J1–J2, K1–K3, L1–L4, M1–M7, N1–N2, O1–O2, P1–P4, Q1, R1–R4, S1–S8, T1–T3, U1, V1, Wa–W5, Y1, and Z1.

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