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If you cannot visit the LGS Linn Research Room to photocopy records for your research, volunteers are available to photocopy and mail requests for specific records. Fees for photocopy requests vary depending on the record, and postage is included in the fee.

To request a photocopy, print the request form for the record type, fill out the form with the title, (volume number), and page number of the record you want photocopied, and send it along with a check for the photocopying fee to:

Linn Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 1222
Albany OR 97321-0537

Photocopy Request Form (PDF)

Note: The Society only honors requests for photocopying allowed under the Fair-use clause of the Copyright law. Any requests for photocopying, which violate the copyright of the work, will be returned along with your check.

Use the Search page on this web site to find records available at the LGS Library. The specific title and page number are shown in the Sources section at the bottom of an individual’s record.